Volunteer RJs without borders!


Kabilan Krishnasamy

Program Director / Producer

As the founder in 1996, Kabilan has taken Tamil Cholai through an exciting journey and to new heights ranging from creative programming to broadcasting partnerships.


Paul Bangar

Producer / Presenter

As a longstanding presenter, Paul has been not only making a major contribution to the Perth radio sector but has been also a major pillar to the growth and sustainability of Tamil Cholai since 1999.


Sakthi Nanjundan

Producer / Presenter

Commencing his journey on Tamil Cholai in 2014 with a deep passion for Tamil culture, traditions and music Sakthi’s versatile, cheeky and cheerful presentation style makes leisure fun for his listeners!


Shreedevi Vijayan

Producer / Presenter

With an earnest persona Shree, who loves to bring colours of joy to those around her, has been on the airwaves since 2016 and radiates from within her own brand of charm!


Ahgela Selverajah

Producer / Presenter

There is nothing Ahgela won’t dance to and since 2020 she has been enriching the ears of listeners with her deep knowledge-based conversations and wit with a quirky sense of humour!

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Balasastha Suresh

Producer / Presenter

Having anchored several stage shows, RJ Balasastha Suresh is now using the airwaves to reach listeners with his captivating voice, interesting info- sessions, comical anecdotes, and distinctive presentation style that intrigues listeners; so buckle up for the best gala time with RJ Balasastha Suresh.


K.S. Maniam

Coordinator, Promotions Head & Producer

Following his service as a RJ for two decades, KS Maniam has offered freelance voice talents for various production houses in radio, TV commercials, current affairs programs and inflight presentations for Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa Airlines.


S.S. Sugumaran

Producer / Presenter

Showcased with multiple talents ranging from penning lyrics for playback singers SP Bala, Jamuna Rani and Jikki and singing with Vani Jayram to hosting radio shows since 1991 in Singapore, Sugumaran’s unique blend of deep conversations and soulful music for your listening pleasure are simply enchanting!


R. G. Thiruselvi

Coordinator & Producer / Presenter

As an award-winning RJ with more than 20 years of experience in radio broadcast, Thiru has helmed various time belts; conceptualized, produced and voiced engaging capsules on various genres as well as radio commercials, Tamil audiobooks, educational materials, videos, telephone prompts, podcasts, emcees online and onsite events; and conducts radio workshops for young talents.


Kavindran (aka Kavin)

Producer / Presenter

Packed with just the right amount of energy to rock the web airwaves on Tamil Cholai, Kavin, who is known for his young spirited nature and cheeky humour, is sure to excite you with his best mix of hits and infotainment news!

RN Thilaga

RN Thilaga

Producer / Presenter

As a Tamil language and cultural enthusiast RN Thilaga, who is a newbie to the RJ world, continuous to entertain her listeners with beautiful songs, fun-filled thoughts and creative presentation.


Kumaran R N

Producer / Presenter

As newbie to the radio broadcasting world, Kumaran RN is a Tamil language and music enthusiast who loves listening to, searching for, collecting and sharing with like-minded listeners wonderful Tamil songs from the 70s and 80s era. More about Kumaran RN on his youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/kumaranrn